"It all started when I went up into the world and it looked like a stage"

Catherine Nuñez



Catherine Nuñez is an actress born in Havana, Cuba. She is currently based in New York.
She began her professional career at the age of 11, making her debut in the cinema with the film “The Immobile Traveler” (Dir.Tomás Piard). In 2011, the renowned Cuban director Fernando Pérez included her in the cast of the historical film “Martí, the Eye of the Canary”.
In 2015, she performed on stages in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, led by Cuban director Jazz Vilá, starring in his award-winning plays "Skyscrapers" and "Eclipse"; with which she later appears in different theaters in the United States, which begins her career in this country.
Her passion for theatre takes her to Washington, DC where she joins GALA (Group of Latin American Artists), one of the largest theater producers in Spanish in the United States. Her performances stand out in “Dog in the Manger” (Dir.José Zayas), “Rosita, the Spinster” (Dir.José Luis Arellano), “In the Time of the Butterflies”, (Dir.José Zayas) and “Exquisite Agony (Dir. Nilo Cruz).
In 2021 she debuted in New York with Teatro Círculo’s production “Life is a Dream” (Dir. Mariano de Paco). In 2022 she hits the Miami stages starring in the hyper-realistic drama ‘'The Weepers'' (Dir. Jose Eduardo Pardo).



‘’Catherine Nuñez is in her most powerful and convincing role to date’’
‘’Catherine Nuñez has just the right energy for the women who seem less fragile than Rosita’’
‘'Nuñez is delicious, playful and teenage-goofy one moment then when jilted a raging b-woman’’

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